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Pension equality?
05 June 2019 09:20 Neil Walsh


Letter: Prospect letter to CST on Public Sector Pensions
info 20-Feb-2020 13:04
Prospect letter to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury urging the Government to lift the 'pause' on the valuations of public sector pension schemes and to allow the Cabinet Office to introduce the SAB recommendations under the cost cap mechanism.

Submission: Submission to Cabinet Office on Member Pension Contributions
info 17-Feb-2020 17:21
Cabinet Office consultation on proposed amendments to the Public Service (Civil Servants and Others) Pensions Regulations 2014 (“CSOPS”) and the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme 1974 (“PCSPS”) to set member contributions rates from 1 April 2020.

Submission: NHS pension scheme flexibilities
info 1-Nov-2019 09:18
Prospect submission to the Department of Health and Social Care consultation on the introduction of increased flexibilities within the NHS pension scheme.

Attachment: Pay bargaining priorities - getting a fair deal for members - RESPONSE REQUIRED by no later than 11 November 2019
Invite to PSS branch secretaries to attend the annual Pay seminar on 21 November 2019, in New Prospect House.

Circular: Standard: PSSEC update
info 16-Oct-2019 15:28
This circular provides an update as to the discussions at the most recent PSSEC on key matters.

Submission: Future of trusteeship and governance: consultation on improving the quality of scheme governance
info 23-Sep-2019 12:10
Submission by Prospect to The Pensions Regulator consultation on the future of trusteeship and governance

Pensions briefing: PSSEC - Pensions Update - September 2019
info 23-Sep-2019 10:00
McCloud Judgement – Firefighters’ & Judges’ Pension Scheme ETs

Members' guide: Tackling the gender pension gap
info 3-Sep-2019 14:56
The information in this members' guide is tailored around life events (which different people will experience in different ways or not at all and in different sequences). It also aims to demystify pensions and explain key decisions and actions at important life stages.