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Ericsson FSO pay offer 2021
8-Apr-2021 16:23

BT Pay Update
6-Apr-2021 11:09

BT Pay Freeze Continues
24-Mar-2021 11:20

Prospect BT Pay Claim 2021
23-Mar-2021 09:51

Capita O2 Pay Review 2021
12-Mar-2021 16:02

Blog Articles


Poster: "Is your pay stuck in the 60s?"
info 21-Oct-2015 10:20
Poster about Prospect's campaigning work on equal pay

Submission: Closing the Gender Pay Gap
info 1-Sep-2015 15:48
Prospect believes that issues affecting women in the workplace need to be re-prioritised and that this process needs to include a thorough overhaul of procedures in relation to pay equality. A present lack of incentive on employers to publish pay-related data needs to be addressed with a view to establishing accountability and engagement.

News release: Jersey pay offer rejected
info 17-Aug-2015 11:36
Jersey civil servants vote NO to 0% pay offer but YES to protecting jobs and services

News release: Prospect set to discuss detailed offer with Scottish airports group
info 22-Apr-2015 08:35
Prospect set for talks with Scottish airports group HIAL over detailed offer

News release: Talks over equal treatment for Scottish airport workers give parties cause for optimism
info 15-Apr-2015 16:41
Parties hopeful over on-going Scottish airport workers talks

News release: Prospect welcomes HIAL movement on Scottish airport security workers
info 13-Apr-2015 15:14
Prospect welcomes HIAL movement on Scottish airport security workers, following strike

News release: Scottish airport staff “work to rule” as 48-hour strike ends
info 9-Apr-2015 12:45
Scottish airport staff begin “work to rule” as first 48-hour strike ends

News release: Prospect ready to discuss any offer to Scottish airport workers
info 8-Apr-2015 15:02
Prospect ready to discuss any HIAL offer to airport security workers