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BT Pay Update - June 2020
29-Jun-2020 17:07

Capita Members’ Update
21-Apr-2020 14:06

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Profile: Profile, May 2008
info 7-May-2008 15:14
Contents include: meet the new generation - Prospect's young professionals get together; it's action stations on pay, Treasury warned; after two years, D-day in June for road safety sell-off.

Employment law update: Age discrimination and redundancy pay
info 6-Aug-2008 10:53
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has given judgment in two cases on the issue of age-related redundancy payments and has provided guidance to tribunals on how to approach the justification of direct age discrimination under the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 (the Age Regulations.)

Employment law update: Equal pay claims – successor is not a comparator
info 30-May-2008 10:45
The Employment Appeal Tribunal have ruled that a claimant in an equal pay case cannot use a successor to her job as a comparator.

Profile: Profile, March 2008
info 1-Mar-2008 00:00
Contents include: MCA members struggling to keep heads above tide; civil service pay 2008; call for new research after radiation disease report; researchers fight back in physics funding crisis; smart meters - industry wants action now; welcome to the new young professionals

Profile: Profile, February 2008
info 1-Feb-2008 00:00
Contents include: nuts to the public sector pay crunch; nuclear power on the brink; black hole in physics funding spells job losses; Prospect is Guernsey's new union of choice

Profile: Profile, December 2007
info 1-Dec-2007 00:00
Contents include: Sherwood's bid for £50m lotto giveaway; Prospect's aid wins record award for radiation disease; contract workers win redress for inferior terms; pay 2007 - new life in specialist agenda?

Profile: Profile, October 2007
info 1-Oct-2007 00:00
Contents include: 2% pay policy will not work, Prospect warns Chancellor; crunch time near for MOD specialists; Prospect wins redundancy U-turn from energy giant

Profile: Profile, September 2007
info 1-Sep-2007 00:00
Contents include: fair pay strikers bring Devonport to standstill; calling all members - road safety is a public service; pay cuts at National Museum of Liverpool; Prospect rep wins important victory for disabled workers