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Capita Members’ Update
21-Apr-2020 14:06

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News release: Prospect's Sellafield staff in ballot over pay
info 27-Jun-2008 00:00

News release: Unions protest over privatisation of lorry checking
info 27-Jun-2008 00:00

News release: Poor pay drives 'jambusters' to strike vote
info 15-Jan-2007 00:00

News release: EDF Energy members vote for industrial action
info 17-Oct-2005 00:00

News release: Specialists to protest at QinetiQ headquarters
info 20-May-2009 00:00

News release: SAC staff to begin campaign of industrial action
info 7-Jan-2003 00:00

News release: Civil service is in crisis, say specialist staff
info 5-Sep-2008 00:00

News release: Scientists to strike over DEFRA pay discrimination
info 27-Nov-2002 00:00