Recruitment leaflets and posters

Recruitment leaflets and posters

Prospect LGBT+ network booklet – helping you in the workplace   info
This booklet offers guidance and information to help LGBT+ network members and local reps to create a network in their workplaces.

Brexit: Shaping the future for EU nationals   info
In October 2017 Prospect responded to a call for evidence from the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on the economic and social impact of the UK’s exit from the EU and how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy

Early years recruitment leaflet   info
This leaflet tells early years professionals what Prospect can do for them and encourages them to join. It explains how the union can support them, outlines our Early Years Pledge, and includes a joining form

Prospect subscription rates – Oct 2019   info
Prospect subscription rates – Oct 2019

Prospect subscription rates for ESI sector – Oct 2019   info
Prospect subscription rates for ESI sector – Oct 2019

Protection at work for less than the price of a cup of coffee   info
Prospect recruitment poster

How does Prospect benefit me as a young professional?   info
Prospect can support you when you're starting your professional career. We push for career development and lifelong learning; tackle discrimination and unfair treatment; campaign for work-life balance and provide advice on work-related problems

About to retire? Why you should stay a Prospect member   info
Leaflet to encourage members who are retiring to stay with Prospect. Updated January 2020

Have you ever wondered why people join a trade union?   info
Leaflet outlining the benefits of Prospect membership: protecting your interests at work, representing you to management, campaigning for jobs and standards, providing individual benefits and services, influencing employers and government.

Protection at work for less than the price of your morning coffee   info
A4 recruitment poster

Famous quotes about good things unions do   info
Four posters with quotes about the good things unions do. Martin Luther King Jr, Ronald Reagan, Pope Francis and Clarence Darrow

"Campaigning for fair pay" poster   info
Poster highlighting Prospect's work on equal pay ("Fair workplaces are good workplaces – join Prospect today")