Key resources for the debate

Scottiosh Referendum

Key resources

This page provides some links to some of the key documents which have been published highlighting the major issues involved in the referendum debate.

Prospect remains politically unaffiliated and does not endorse any of the documents below; we have provided links simply to help inform members and to ensure that they have access to the principal documents that have been produced. Most of the links are to pages outside the Prospect website.

Constitutional debate

Scotland and the United Kingdom, a conference report produced for the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Institute for Fiscal Studies The Fiscal Implications of an Independent Scotland (actually part of a programme of ESRC-funded research work on the future of the UK and Scotland)

Sunday Post report [Dunleavy Report] Transitioning to a new Scottish State [Microsoft Word document] looking, amongst others, at the start-up costs facing an independent Scotland


UK Government Scotland Analysis pages Assessment of a sterling currency union
Scottish Government Statement issued on behalf of the Fiscal Commission Working Group

Economic policy issues

Fiscal Commission Working Group First Report

Scottish Council for Development and Industry: Future Scotland Discussions and Priorities

Scottish Government report on Scotland’s Economy: The Case for Independence

Scottish Government Economic and Competition Regulation in an Independent Scotland

UK Government ‘Scotland Analysis’ pages, containing a range of pages aiming to give facts and figures on Scotland’s role within the UK, on a variety of industries and policy areas.

Scottish Government Building Security and Creating Opportunity: Economic Policy Choices in an Independent Scotland

Fiscal Commission Working Group Stabilisation and Savings Funds for Scotland

ESRC Constitutional change and inequality in Scotland

UK Government ‘Scotland Analysis’ pages, containing a range of pages aiming to give facts and figures on Scotland’s role within the UK, on a variety of industries and policy areas, and now including a Conclusions document

Industry policy issues

UKCS Maximising Recovery Review (final report by Sir Ian Wood)

Scottish Government Sustainable, Responsible Banking – A Strategy for Scotland

Scottish Government UK energy policy and Scotland’s contribution to security of supply [pdf]

UK Government Scotland Analysis series: Energy [pdf]

Scottish Government Connecting Rural Scotland setting out plans for a Rural Connectivity Commission to consider how to improve mobile and broadband coverage, postal services and transport links for rural communities


Paper produced by Neil Walsh, Pensions Officer, on the issues for pensions associated with independence

Scottish Government Pensions in an Independent Scotland

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland has published a report Scotland's pensions future: Have our questions been answered?' calling on the Scottish Government to do more to clarify its position on how pensions will be provided in an independent Scotland.


The STUC's 'A Just Scotland' website

STUC Interim Report

A Just Scotland Second Report

The future of Scotland website (STUC and other civil society organisations)

Main campaign sites

Prospect continues to maintain a stance of political neutrality but members might like to explore statements and views about Scotland's Future from the two main campaigns direct - Better Together and Yes Scotland. We do not endorse either campaign.