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Prospect has created a website forum for members that provides advice, information and guidance on the possible impact of independence on their working lives and for those who want to join the debate about the referendum. 

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Responses to questions from campaign groups

Author: Anne Douglas, 12 May 2014

We have today published the responses to the questions which the Scotland Committee and its working groups drew up earlier this year.

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Pensions issues

Author: Calvin Allen, 25 April 2014

The UK Government has just published its thoughts and analysis of the implications of the debate on Scotland's independence for work (also including social security) and pensions. This is part of its continuing Scotland Analysis series and this particular paper can be found here.

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Energy policy

Author: Calvin Allen, 09 April 2014

The Scottish Government has this week published a document on energy policy and Scotland's contribution to security of supply. The UK Government has also this week published its own document on Energy, as part of its Scotland Analysis series.

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Another referendum on 18 September!

Author: David Smith Simpson, 27 March 2014

On the news last night: that hallowed bastion of mysogeny, the Royal and Ancient Golf  Club, is to ballot its members on whether to allow women to join its ranks - with a committee recommendation to vote yes! 

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Questions to referendum campaign groups

Author: Calvin Allen, 24 March 2014

Prospect has today published the questions which its working groups have drawn up to put to the two campaigns. You can check the questions that we're asking on the working groups page or else here.

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National institutions

Author: Graeme A Walker, 20 February 2014


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Prospect itself

Author: Sandra Elizabeth Owsnett, 10 February 2014

What would happen to Prospect itself and our membership, if the outcome of the referendum was Yes and Scotland became independent? 

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Welcome, and guidelines for use of the forum!

Author: Calvin Allen, 05 February 2014

Hello everyone.

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Pleased with Prospect's stance

Author: James Muir Thomson, 04 February 2014

Thanks for recognising that this will be an interesting time for all of your members based here in Scotland.

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