What is a Company RegTech Advisor?


What is a Company RegTech Advisor?

The role can involve 8 broad elements:

  • Encourage eligible individuals to apply to register
  • Help members assess their eligibility
  • Signpost appropriate professional bodies
  • Help individuals access application forms
  • Support an individual in completing the application form
  • Host technician workshops with support from Prospect and professional bodies
  • Distribute promotional materials regarding technician registration around the workplace to raise awareness of the opportunity
  • Participate and engage in a RegTech advisors’ network to maintain your own continuing professional development and inform best practice

Additionally, if you are a member of Prospect:

  • Additional CPD opportunities will be available to members only

How do I become a Prospect RegTech advisor?

There are a number of short steps including asking your employer:

  • Are you involved in the technician registration programme – or perhaps a science council employer champion?
  • Is there someone within the business who is a technician champion or lead?
  • Is there an apprenticeship programme?
  • Is the apprenticeship programme approved by a professional body?
  • Will the business express an interest in participating in Prospect’s Regtech training and network via regtech@prospect.org.uk?
  • If appropriate, inform your local Prospect Branch Secretary of your interest

A key point when considering if becoming a RegTech Advisor is for you:

  • Your availability to attend the training and support colleagues through the registration process

Why would you become a Prospect RegTech advisor?

  • Opportunity to expand and develop your own transferable skills
  • Develop a new dimension to your career – meet any personal aspirations or company or professional objectives.
  • Act as a mentor to younger and or less experienced technicians – sharing your skills and expertise
  • Develop a wider understanding of business needs and solutions.