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Workers' Rights Advocates

A key part of the campaign is celebrating the fantastic job of our Workers' Rights Advocates.

The limits of the law reinforce the need to have strong and effective unions. Prospect representatives offer advice and representation to members and make a real difference in the workplace, ensuring fairness, equality, and employment protection. 'Prospect at work' is highlighting these successes by identifying and publicising the work of our representatives and the positive impact they have on workers' rights. Our 'Workers' Rights Advocates' are reps who have assisted members individually or collectively.


Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Young Professionals Network (YPN) Team - "How it all began"

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Adam Rourke

Cavendish Nuclear - “Young Professionals – The Future generation”

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Jenny Andrew

Natural Environment Research Council - 'You’ll never work alone'

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Mike Scott

Welsh Government – 'No two days the same, but every day can make a difference'

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Mavis Amadi

Babcock at Rosyth – ‘Gaining empowerment for equal treatment’

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Sarah Hughes

Scottish Government – 'Life is a bumpy road'

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Rosyth Team

Babcock at Rosyth - "Making a difference - it’s more than just the pay rise!"

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David Evans

david evans

BT – 'The accidental activist'

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Amy Bishop

AWE – ‘Helping others as the union helped me’

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Steve Crothers

Science & Technology Facilities Council – 'Let's work together'

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Linda Ford

James Hutton Institute – 'Seeking an end to discrimination in the workplace'

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David Schaffert

Magnox - ‘Carry on representing’

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Simon Hester

Health and Safety Executive – 'Preparing for the battles ahead'

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Hajira Mahomed

National Trust – ‘Life on the rights’ side’

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If you would like to nominate a rep from your branch for this series, please contact