What you can do

Make it personal – and make your voice heard

Prospect members in every public sector scheme affected by the government’s attacks are taking part in the November 30 action. We'd like to hear about what's going on across the UK on the day.

At the same time the union is encouraging members to keep up the pressure on the government to change its stance and come up with a better deal – see suggestions for how to do that below.

Who is affected?

  • members of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme in Classic, Classic Plus, Premium and Nuvos
  • those in schemes operated by analogy, for example members in the research councils, museums and galleries, non-departmental public bodies, trading funds and arms’ length bodies
  • some members who are in the local government, health and teachers’ schemes
  • members in UK Atomic Energy Authority schemes.

What can you do?

pensions_tickSend us your pictures and stories about November 30
We'd like to report on Prospect members' pickets and other actions on November 30 in Profile and our other members' magazines, and on the website. Please send any photos of your picket lines to pictures@prospect.org.uk - and let us know if you've got video footage. Can you also send brief reports to campaigns@prospect.org.uk, in particular telling us about numbers of pickets, where they were and the local impact of your strike action,

pensions_tickTell your MP how the increase will hurt you
Write to your MP to object to the attacks. Again, share your personal experiences. Talk about the impact of increased contributions and the other changes on you and your family’s living standards, bearing in mind the public sector pay freeze, job insecurity, higher utility bills, loss of child benefit and/or child tax credit, higher national insurance contributions, or other things that affect you. Download our draft letter, tips and information on how to find your MP

pensions_tickSign the e-petition against the CPI switch
The e-petition calls for the RPI measure to be re-introduced and supports a parliamentary debate on the issue. At the last count 83,059 signatures had been collected; once more than 100,000 people sign up, the subject is eligible for debate in the Commons.

pensions_tickReach out to a non-member
This issue affects everyone’s future. Reaching out to non-members has never been more crucial. Urge colleagues to join so they can be kept up to date and play their part in defending the future of their pensions.
They can join online at www.prospect.org.uk/joinus/