Pensions campaign videos

24 NOVEMBER 2011: An update from Prospect about 30 November day of action over pension reform. Deputy general secretary Dai Hudd sets out the latest news on talks with the government and on the day of action


The Workers: Let's Work Together video

Check out the music video from The Workers, a group of public service workers who've come together to record a song in aid of the Day of Action on public service pensions. We're hoping "Let's Work Together" (a cover of the Canned Heat hit) will make enough download sales from Sunday 20th on to make it into the charts ahead of November 30th. Watch the video and download the single


'Robbed of promises’ – High Court film message

Prospect made a short video of deputy general secretary Dai Hudd and reps outside the High Court on 25 October 2011 ; this was the day of the union's joint case with five other organisations to challenge the government's switch for uprating pensions from RPI to CPI. In the video Hudd explains: "Our members are effectively being robbed of promises made in the past. That's the reason why we are in the courts."

Also interviewed is Ian Beddow, from Prospect's Defence Training and Education branch, who says: "I'm here to protest on behalf of members in both the private and public sectors. I'd like the judicial system to bring justice today and say that this unilateral change is unfair and CPI is not a fit measure to index pensions against."

Neil Walsh presentations on civil service pensions reform

Prospect has produced five You-Tube films put together from a single presentation by the union's pensions officer, Neil Walsh, on civil service pensions reform. Please note that the picture quality is variable in these films, which were copied from a disk.

Film clip 1: Neil Walsh discusses the background to the talks on pension reform

Film clip 2: Neil Walsh discusses the Hutton report and the indexation switch from RPI to CPI

Film clip 3: Neil Walsh discusses the Hutton report and contribution increases

Film clip 4: Neil Walsh discusses the pension reform talks and the ballot on industrial action

Film clip 5: Neil Walsh discusses how members can help the political campaigning on pensions reform