Day of action: messages from the frontline

30 November day of action: reports from the frontline

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Frontline reports

Office of Rail Regulation

Having done a ring around we believe that approx 90% of ORR Prospect membership are on strike across the UK.  

London: Prison Service HQ, Clive House, Petty France

Good turnout on picket line. Not many staff going in to work. Prospect members on strike are psychologists, managers and prisons specialists. Another nice report from the frontline: "In a reverse of what would normally be expected, prison specialists are outside trying to stop people from getting in!! Members feel that the Government should be locked up for its attempt to rob public sector workers of their pensions. It's like something out of FrancisMaudeshank's Redemption here!"

Aberdeen: Marine Lab

Only 20 staff at work - normally 300 work there. Good picket: 16 from Prospect, 3 from PCS.

Cosford, Defence Training and Education

Good turnout at joint picket from Prospect, PCS, Unite and NASUWT. Pickets arrived at 6am. There are about 60 people on two gates and they are getting support.

Sutton Coldfield: Defence Infrastructure Organisation HQ

Engineers, project managers, surveyors and civil engineers in good spirits on the picket line at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation in Sutton Coldfield.

Milton Keynes: FCO Hanslope Park

Here's our photo of a cold but happy picket at FCO Hanslope Park.

London: British Library

Great picket, expectation that only main entrance/hall will be open. We've been joined by students too.

London: British Museum

Sixteen pickets outside the various British Museum gates. Atmosphere is jovial. Temporary worker just delivered cake to pickets - very supportive of our action!

London: Imperial War Museums, Lambeth Road

A good show of Prospect and PCS pickets: curators, conservators, librarians, general museum grades and specialists. Good-humoured report from pickets: "The battle to save public sector pensions commenced early at the IWM with pickets standing-to just before dawn. Members here are not keeping calm and they are not carrying on. Opening skirmishes have resulted in significant advances of groups of pickets towards all entrances to the site. Union troops are digging in for an a.m. siege followed by a rapid massed charge to Lincoln's Inn Field and then on to their ultimate objective of the rallying point on Victoria Embankment....

South-west region: Highways Agency

Strike action started late last night; pickets were in attendance at all out-stations, and just two Highways Agency patrols were on duty to cover the whole of the south west region. More action is expected today on both early and late shifts.