Day of action: messages from the frontline

30 November day of action: reports from the frontline

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Frontline reports

Leeds: Highways Agency

Lateral House Leeds is virtually all out on strike. At the Tingley Outstation (nr Leeds), membership has risen six-fold, and there is now a rolling picket. Less than half the cars which should have been out last night went out. Some outstations, but no cars out.

London: House of Commons/House of Lords

Every entrance to the Houses of Commons and Lords is being picketed. Labour MPs and Peers joined the picket line outside St Stephen's entrance.

Another good placard...

...again from the Natural History Museum: "David Cameron and Nick Clegg: the origin of specious." Can't help but admire our intellectual members! (We had to look it up: "Specious - seemingly well-reasoned or factual, but actually fallacious or insincere".)

Defence Munitions Crombie, Fife, Scotland

At Defence Munitions Crombie in Fife, Scotland, joint trade unions had 95 per cent support, with three contractors turned away, reports branch chair John Taylor. "This had the effect of halting production for the day. We also have an HM ship at the jetty for offloading before going for refit. Due to our action their tight schedule has been disrupted."

London: South Kensington museums

Turnout is amazing! Pickets on all staff entrances to the three museums, with many more standing all around the perimeter. Our members on strike are curators, conservators, librarians, explainers, general museum grades and specialists. For several hours Exhibition Road has been awash with irate staff from three major museums displaying and exhibiting a wide range of strike materials, picket line paraphernalia and relics in order to conserve and preserve the pension rights of future generations.  Around 150 members of Prospect, PCS and  FDA are now gathering on the front steps of the Victoria and Albert Museum for a group photo...

Favourite placard slogan so far...

Picture of placard at Natural History museum picket: "40 years studying minerals and my pension isn't even silver plated!"

HSE Rose Court

Prospect pickets contributed to a powerful presence outside the Health and Safety Executive's Rose Court building in London at about 8am this morning. It seemed to have become the focal point for other protesters, too - among them electricians and Occupy Finsbury Square protesters complete with drums and other instruments making a huge noise - and also several police. I asked three Prospect health and safety inspectors why they are there. Chris Tilley said: "We agreed new pension arrangements in 2007 and they were sustainable. Now the rug's been pulled from under our feet again."Brent Bolton said: "With the changes...

Lowestoft, Suffolk: CEFAS

Lots of support on the picket line gate at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science. Pickets will be there all day.

Vehicle Operator Services Agency

Good turn out at Edmonton and Yeading Heavy goods Vehicle Testing Station - 18 pickets in total.

Bristol Pickets

Prospect and Unison members are also picketing the Environment Agency, Horizon House, Deanery Rd, Bristol.