Day of action: messages from the frontline

30 November day of action: reports from the frontline

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Frontline reports

Radio Interview

For info I've just done a live interview with BBC north west radio from the Manchester rally.RegardsTony

York update

More than 100 Prospect members in York have joined the rally in the city after joining picket lines across the city this morning, reports national secretary Geraldine O'Connell. There is a huge turn out from from the Food and Environment Research Agency at Sand Hutton - though the animal research station was not closed because exemptions were given to members responsible for immediate animal welfare. Other Prospect marchers have come from the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Health and Safety Executive, Ministry of Defence and National Railway Museum.

Serious Fraud Office, London

Members at the Serious Fraud Office, London reported a strong picket line of between 14 and 15 people and a well-observed strike. Branch secretary Juliet Fryer said staff that did cross the picket were mainly contractors. "It has been an excellent response given that we are such a small organisation but it showsthat the solidarity is there."

On the way to the London rally

Am on the Underground heading for the London rally with Science Museum, Natural History Museum & Victoria and Albert Museum strikers. It's amazing! The carriage is mobbed, lots of curious tourists!Community singing has just started with a rousing chorus of ....When the union's inspiration through the workers' blood shall run, There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun; Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one, But the union makes us strong.CHORUS:Solidarity forever,Solidarity forever,Solidarity forever,For the union makes us strong.

Yeading: VOSA test station

Members at VOSA's Yeading test station reported excellent support for the action. VOSA section secretary Chris Walsh said with all Prospect's vehicle examiners at the station on strike, the site was empty and heavy goods vehicle operators, who had turned up for MOTs and annual checks, were persuaded to return another day. John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington, joined staff on the picket line to offer his support.

MOD Defence

Prospect pickets now leaving MOD DIO Sutton Coldfield all heading to join march and rally in Birmingham. Support for strike solid and workers not covered by action saying that workplace is very quiet today.

Update from Bristol

Prospect deputy general secretary Dai Hudd reports that more than 200 Prospect members have turned up to march through Bristol, with more joining all the time. "The numbers have far exceeded anything we expected - it's spectacular," he says. Some Prospect protesters have produced an amazing banner - a montage of David Cameron's face with Margaret Thatcher's hair and the message: Pensions Snatcher. Dai will be speaking at the rally a bit later

"Most solid strike in a generation"

John Streeter, the president of Prospect's civil service sector, has sent a message of support to all strikers: "We have put up with the pay freeze, the destruction of thousands of jobs, the ripping up of our redundancy terms, but what we now face is a step too far. The wanton pillage of our pensions by the coalition government will destroy the hopes and aspirations of a generation of civil servants - but only if we let them prevail." Read his full message

Report from Sealand

Over 90% not reported to work at Sealand.

Miscellanous Sites

Good turnout of Prospect members on the picket lines at DfT, BIS, DWP in Tothill St, DfE.