Nuclear specialists join day of action

30 November day of action: reports from the frontline

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Nuclear specialists join day of action

  • 30 November 2011 18:10

Members in the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) began picketing outside the Sellafield site at 5.30am. National Secretary Mike Graham said: " It wasn't our aim to disrupt the site but at one stage traffic was queued back over four miles to Egremont in Cumbria as people stopped at the gate to receive our leaflets explaining the action."

NNL members also set up pickets at the Workington Laboratory, Cumbria; Preston Laboratory on the Springfields Fuels site; and Birchwood Park near Warrington. Prospect negotiator Gill Wood said the atmosphere on the Preston Laboratory picket was very amicable "with no negative feedback, people stopping to take leaflets and beeping horns in support."
Other nuclear specialists also taking action included Prospect members in International Nuclear Services, a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority at Herdus House, on the Westlakes Science Park and Hinton House, in Cheshire. Jez Stewart said : "99% of the International Nuclear Services membership took part if the action, with 25% on the picket line first thing this morning."

Katherine Beirne