20,000 at Bristol rally

30 November day of action: reports from the frontline

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20,000 at Bristol rally

  • 30 November 2011 15:41
Deputy General Secretary Dai Hudd joined Prospect members on the picket line at Abbey Wood, north Bristol before moving to Bristol City centre for a rally of 30 unions assembling at college green at 1100 on Wednesday 30 November. A large group of Prospect members from the Bristol area gathered in brilliant sunshine under the Prospect banner, together with the staff of the Prospect West Regional Office. A huge crowd - estimated at 20,000 - marched from College Green through the town centre to gather at Castle Park. Dai was amongst a number of Union Officials to address members of 30 unions on the iniquities of the present coalition government's proposals to make public sector worker work longer and pay more for smaller pensions.

Jeremy Windust