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The impact of the government's cuts is sinking in - and Prospect members in both the public and private sectors are being hard hit, with jobs, pay, pensions and much more under attack. These unfair cuts will also hurt service users and communities up and down the UK.

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Latest CutStop news

Prospect today said the Government’s reform plans would fail to create a more professional civil service and would “import the worst excesses of David Brent’s The Office into government.”

High quality services and a positive programme of reform can only be built on enhanced professionalism and better co-ordination, and the government would do well to remember this, Prospect head of research Sue Ferns says today in a guest blog on the Institute for Government website.

Prospect members in the civil service have voted by 4-1 to accept the deal negotiated between unions and the government on the shape of their pension scheme from 2015.