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Before it's too late...

Britain’s economy is stuck in a rut. Prospect says that only government can drive the investment it needs for growth, jobs and recovery

20 October 2012 was a memorable occasion for the trade union movement. An estimated 150,000 marched through central London on the TUC's "A future that works" demo, with thousands more participating in events in Glasgow and Belfast.

London march and rally, Sat 20 OctoberScotland march and rally, Glasgow, Sat 20 Oct 2012

Tough economic times and new technologies are changing the face of the world economy. More than ever, the skills and expertise of Prospect members are vital for UK plc to survive and prosper.

But instead of investing in those skills – and the infrastructure projects for which the country is crying out – the coalition government is locked behind the mantra of its deficit reduction programme.

The results are plain to see in the slump in public investment, double-dip recession, stagnant housing market and painfully slow progress towards anything resembling an agenda for growth. The human price of this inaction is now being felt in households across the country.

Prospect believes that before it’s too late the government must change course:

  • before the skills and experience of workers made redundant are lost as they become outdated by new technology and new techniques
  • before the next generation of scientists and engineers abandon the skills they have learnt, in favour of better paid and more secure employment elsewhere
  • before the failure to invest in major projects in transport, energy and broadband leaves the UK struggling to compete with its overseas rivals
  • before today’s failure to invest in the future drives down job opportunities and standards of living for decades to come. 
  • Prospect says the skills of its members are an essential part of the solution to the UK’s current economic woes. As today’s knowledge-based economy spreads into every corner of national life, those skills have become even more important – for government as much as industry.

    That is why Prospect supported the TUC’s national marches and rallies on 20 October in London, Glasgow and Belfast.

    In support of the event we produced the two A5 flyers below
    (black and white versions included in each file)

    B4its2L8 Oct20 flyer (public) B4its2L8 Oct20 flyer (private)

    We also produced the following posters
    (black and white versions are also available to download)

    A Future That Works posterB4its2L8 poster

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