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Aviation workers
John Stevenson, Prospect negotiations officer, talks about the union’s work in civil aviation.

plane in sky
The announcement by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that Monarch Airlines - the fifth largest airline in Britain - had gone into liquidation came as a body blow to the 1,858 employees of the company who lost their jobs and many more thousands of customers who have had their holiday plans ruined.

After a two-year campaign Prospect has signed a recognition agreement with Babcock Mission Critical Services (BCMS) for engineering and mechanical staff.

Plane in sky near air traffic control tower
Airline Ryanair has today called for resilience of air traffic control to be improved, but also made clear that it does not want to pay for the staffing levels required.

Plane in sky near air traffic control tower
European Commission proposals to tackle disruption and cancellation of flights by tightening union laws are a distraction from the important issues facing the European aviation industry, says Prospect.