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BT Enterprise

Prospect responds to announcement by BT of a new Customer Facing Unit called Enterprise.  

Capita O2 Pay 2018 Ballot Result The Prospect ballot for the 2018 Pay Award in Capita O2 has now closed  

Lloyd Sloan, Prospect rep, Capita Tesco Mobile contract
Whether it’s promoting Prospect membership or plugging Shakin’ Stevens’ new album, Lloyd Sloan's energy is palpable. He tells Penny Vevers why he became a union rep and what inspires him

The ballot for the 2018 pay offer of 2% for staff covered by the Prospect CBU (collective bargaining unit) has now closed.

The High Court ruled in January that BT is not allowed to change the index used to increase pensions in retirement for tens of thousands of members in its defined benefit pension scheme. BT confirmed in February that it will appeal this ruling and a date for that has now been set for this autumn.

BT Pensions Update
20 March 2018

Openreach Restructure
09 February 2018