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Capita News April 2014 - KPI Update - Pay 2014 Update - Red Flags in Bury - Membership Incentive

Telefónica has begun consultation with Prospect over changes within Learning and Development (L&D) affecting the management structure. The company’s aim is to develop and invest in L&D, working in partnership with the business, taking into consideration business priorities and broadening the L&D offering across the business. There will be an emphasis on operating in a simple, consistent way, providing a ‘fit for the future’ service, which can be accessed by all. As part of the proposals Digital Learning will be further developed and accessible via one common platform. It is expected the new structure will go live at the end of May 2014.

The union has submitted its claim for the 2014 pay round and we have now held some initial discussions with the company.

The Standing Orders Committee (SOC), have published their guidance on submitting business to the 2014 CMD Sector BT Conference.

The ballot closed at 09.00am today, and the result is:

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