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BT’s announcement that it does not intend to implement a pay increase for managers in 2020 is premature and made without prior discussion with Prospect on alternatives.

BT members keeoing the UK connected
Prospect is encouraging its members in frontline services in BT to share examples of their contribution so that the public can see the vital work they are doing to keep the UK connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prospect national secretary John Ferrett has expressed strong disappointment at BT’s failure to respond to a request from the union to pause any redundancies currently under way as part of the People Framework programme.

fibre network image
The UK’s reliance on the market, privatisation and saving money are key factors in the controversial decision to involve Chinese company Huawei in building the next generation 5G network. Calvin Allen explains

NHS Digital reps with Sue Bucksey
Prospect has successfully negotiated a two-year pay offer of 1.5% each year for members working at NHS Digital.

Team-based scheduling update
20 February 2020

BT Workplace
05 February 2020

Steady hand in stormy times
11 December 2019