Prospect in BT

Hundreds of managers and professionals face uncertainty as BT rolls out its People Framework changes to pay and job structures, and seeks to cut 13,000 jobs worldwide – including using non-voluntary redundancy in the UK for the first time.

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Union Week 2018 Noel McClean (centre) with Martin Aylett and Alan Smith giving out cake at Adastral Park
Noel McClean’s passion for trade unions from an early age has culminated in his latest role as the national secretary for members in telecoms. Here he talks about the challenges and opportunities ahead

Prospect has expressed dismay at BT’s failure to agree to a temporary pause on rolling out its People Framework changes to pay, terms and conditions until further talks have been held with the union.

Delegate vote at BT conference, nottingham, 17 May 2018. Photo by John Birdsall
Prospect has called on BT to pause until January any more changes to pay, job structures and terms and conditions, to allow further talks with the union about the so-called People Framework.