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EnergyEye April 2016   info
The contents includes: Demonising the Big Six does not meet the sector’s needs (p 1) Nuclear estate pensions could be next in the government’s crosshairs (p 2) Westminster pensions ‘drop-in’ a success. DECC capacity market overhaul under fire (p 3) The case for small modular reactors (p 4-5) Annual PI focus is on occupational health. New regulations on electromagnetic fields (p 6) Grid faces questions over dual role (p 7) Pay deals over the last 12 months. News In Brief (p 8)
 30 March 2016 

EnergyEye November 2015   info
The contents includes: Prospect launches check-off challenge in the nuclear estate. Dounreay nerve centre to be re-built (p 1) Tory conference told there is no silver bullet for energy. In defence of union rights (p 2) Ofgem to spark more onshore competition. Reforms spell end of defined benefit pensions. (p 3) New plant to create thousands of jobs. The Hinkley Point C story. (p 4-5) When the cap doesn’t fit. In defence of nuclear pensions. (p 6) UK network needs smart answers (p 7) Sellafield director hails waste breakthrough (p 8) If you have any queries relating to the content of the
 04 November 2015 


Prospect submission to Scottish parliament ECCLR committee inquiry on green recovery   info
Prospect's submission to the Scottish parliament Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform committee's call for evidence on green recovery.
 10 August 2020 

Prospect submission to Ofgem consultation on RIIO-ED2   info
Prospect's response to Ofgem's Open Letter on RIIO-ED2, proposing a robust workforce resilience measure for RIIO2.
 15 October 2019 

Prospect submission to BEIS on the capacity market consultation   info
Prospect submission to BEIS on the capacity market consultation
 11 September 2019 


Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy (concise version)   info
Summary version of the longer 'health and safety in renewable energy' booklet, with QR link to the full report.
 17 August 2021 

Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy   info
The renewables industry has witnessed massive growth in the last decade, but this has not been accompanied by the robust health and safety processes we see in other forms of energy generation. As a result, professionals in renewables are exposed to a significantly higher risk of injury or ill-health.
 13 August 2021 

TUSNE summer newsletter 2021   info
This edition concentrates on two key issues facing the nuclear energy industry at present: The future of the UK’s nuclear fuel manufacturing capability at Springfields,and continued government inaction on nuclear new build.
 29 July 2021