Quick access to a range of heritage-related documents from our library.

Briefing: Budget 2020 - initial briefing   info
The 2020 Budget was presented in the face of a rapidly evolving awareness of the likely economic and social impact of the global Coronavirus outbreak. Headline announcements focused on relatively short-term measures to mitigate this impact, but the budget also contained significant developments of policy plans set out in the Conservative Party manifesto and election campaign. This briefing focuses on elements likely to be of particular interest to Prospect and Bectu sectors and members. Contents • Introduction • Economic outlook • Freelancers • Public services • Announcements and developments relevant to key sectors o Energy o Environment and Food o Heritage o IT & telecoms o Public services o Science o Transport

Letter: Councillor Marcus Jones SMG letter   info
Letter from Manchester City Councillor Marcus Jones to the Science Museum Group in support of Prospect's industrial action

Leaflet/booklet: "Heritage: cold climate to ice age" - Long report   info
A full analysis of the results of the heritage survey

Leaflet/booklet: A Road to Ruins   info
This leaflet sets out the impact of funding cuts on the UK's museums, galleries and other heritage organisations and workers' fears about the uncertainty created by Brexit

Local newsletter: Prospect Press newsletter for National Trust members   info
November newsletter which contains articles on the recent Annual Delegate Conference; up and coming meeting dates; consultations and restructures; rural surveyors' discipline reviews; annual leave approvals, and a list of all your branch reps and current vacancies. Related consultation documentation attached (see page 2 of newsletter for more info): Bury St Edmonds portfolio General Managers - LSE Classic Properties.

Attachment: Staff consultation document - Bury St Edmonds portfolio   info
Staff consultation document

Attachment: Bury St Edmonds portfolio - Prospect response   info
Prospect's response to the Bury St Edmonds staff consultation document

Attachment: Classics draft consultation document   info
Staff consultation document

Attachment: Classic Properties - Prospect reponse   info
Prospect's response to the LSE Classic Properties consultation document

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a microbiologist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – It takes years of training to become a qualified microbiologist like Dave Roberts. His work enhances our understanding of biodiversity and some of the smallest living organisms on our planet