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Biodiversity: going green (literally)   info
This briefing is based on reputable sources, but is not intended as a definitive scientific statement - rather as a useful background to start a conversation on this topic. It is designed to inform and enable Environment Reps, Environment/Sustainability Committees and members interested in environmental issues in their workplaces to make a difference
 28 April 2014 

Profile issue 1/14, February 2014   info
Prospect's national magazine for members
 19 February 2014 

Environment Agency, tidal surge 2013 graphic   info
Infographic produced by the Environment Agency about the tidal surge on 5 December 2013
 10 December 2013 

I'm Not A Number... I'm a climate scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Sue Benham is an expert in applied environmental science. Tackling climate change – and reducing CO2 emissions – is one of the biggest challenges we face. The UK’s climate scientists play a vital role in monitoring change and seeking solutions
 03 March 2011 

Profile, December 2009   info
Contents include: Ofgem pension threat (p5); premier horticulture research facility closes (p7); all change for inspectorate in run-up to new nuclear build (p9); how UK can move to low-carbon economy (p14); Prospect & Connect forge alliance to become UK’s fastest growing union (p16); perils of working with asbestos (p19); bonus barrage - media takes it out on civilians who keep armed forces in the field (p23)
 09 December 2009 

Prospect annual report 2008   info
Prospect's annual report and accounts for the year ending 31 December 2008.
 22 July 2009 

Profile, July 2009   info
Contents include: Connect 'yes' boosts Prospect vision of professionals' union (p3); round 10 in battle for equal pay rights (p3); redundancy - discrimination claims against age tapering pay off for scores of members (p4); Prospect to make new policy push on defence (p5); Prospect member launches a groundbreaking green energy project (p7); parliament joins chorus of disapproval at plans to dismantle the Forensic Science Service (p20)
 21 July 2009 

Profile issue 2-09, March 2009   info
Contents include: global rights - an issue for the workplace (p3, 4, 19); members win £31 million in Prospect personal injury scheme (p7); black day for environmental science (p10-11); return of the civil service pension snatchers (p16-17).
 19 March 2009 

Profile December 2008   info
Contents include: "I couldn't have done it without Prospect" - one member's ten-year fight about work-related post-traumatic stress disorder; efficiency savings can be used for pay, say ministers; pensions row settled at AWE; what future for clean coal?
 12 December 2008 

Prospect annual report 2007   info
Prospect's annual report and accounts for the year ending 31 December 2007.
 31 March 2008 

Profile, July 2007   info
Contents include: home alone - why Defra says vets are a danger to their dogs; full report of SET group conference; chipping away at the Environment Agency's flood budget; single European sky - can we make it work?
 01 July 2007 

Profile, May 2006   info
Contents include: Prospect evidence to energy review calls for balanced policy on nuclear and renewables; science fights back - environment science protest reaches the House of Commons
 01 May 2006 

Profile, March 2006   info
Contents include: RIP Silsoe Research Institute; woman on a mission for pay equality; Scarborough or bust: charity ride to BNC; more hammer blows to public science - but does anyone in government care?
 01 March 2006 

November 2004   info
Contents include: scrap the cap - the dead weight of the Treasury pay remit; science lab's pay protest goes to top; merger boost for Audit members in Wales
 01 November 2004 

October 2003   info
Don't sell forensic science; TUC conference 2003; Renewables - creating energy the natural way
 01 October 2003