Energy news updates

Prospect has negotiated a three-year pay deal, and a recognition agreement, on behalf of members at EDF’s West Burton B power station in North Yorkshire.

Loganair, who currently provide air passenger services between Edinburgh and Wick, are withdrawing from the route from 27 March

Wind turbine part
Ambitious targets need to be set and a significant ramping up of activity is required in order to achieve the net zero commitment by 2045 set recently by the First Minister, Prospect has said in response to the Scottish government’s consultation on offshore wind.

Dinorwig Power Station
Dean Mannion, an assistant shift manager at Dinorwig power station, talks about working inside the Electric Mountain and why we all need to get ready for Just Transition.

Green energy shaking hands
Securing a just transition for people and places is essential as the UK accelerates towards decarbonising its economy, says a report from the New Economics Foundation.

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
06 December 2019