Energy news updates

Dr Rachel Roffe
Radioactive Waste Management has been tasked by the government to deliver a long-term solution for the UK’s growing pile of radioactive waste. A crucial part of this process is to find a permanent site for a Geological Disposal Facility. In this series, RWM staff, who are also Prospect members, talk about their careers, their roles at RWM and the unique challenges of working on what will be one of the most important national infrastructure projects ever undertaken.

Hard hat
Energy network companies have reaffirmed their commitments to keeping more than 36,000 workers safe as the UK transitions out of the coronavirus lockdown.

Turbine H&S
A five-year strategy to close a workforce gap of 277,000 has been launched by the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership, a collaboration of 30 major organisations, including Prospect.

Green city of the future
Marina Valls, the chief economist for RenewableUK, tells Prospect about her new report, "Powering the Future: RenewableUK’s Vision of the Transition", which forecasts a huge expansion of green hydrogen, wind energy and other clean power sources.

Climate Crisis
The government should guarantee ‘green jobs’ to workers who have been made unemployed by the coronavirus crisis, says the Social Market Foundation think-tank.

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
06 December 2019