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Previous issues

EducationEye, October 2017   info
Newsletter for members in the Education Services

EducationEye, July 2017   info
The July issue of Prospect's newsletter for members in the Education and Children's Services group. Contents include: New Soulbury pay and conditions agreement; biennial meeting and group executive council election arrangements; Warwick Mansell reads between the lines of the Queen's Speech on education policy; updates from your negotiating teams; Scottish education shake-up; new studies and research; Maurice John Gifford obituary

EducationEye, March 2017   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in Education and Children's Services. Contents include: schools funding crisis, government's early years workforce strategy, school improvement funding changes, teacher shortages, how Prospect is supporting members, the need for qualified EY staff, Scottish schools, and "selective" comprehensives

EducationEye, November 2016   info
Prospect's journal for members in education and children's services. Contents include: Standards will suffer as councils lose school improvement funding; shortage of qualified nursery teachers; Scottish Government plans for the governance of schools; grammar schools: the great divide; Information, Advice and Support Services for children and young people with SEND; lessons from recent Uber case; TUC report; briefings; subject associations round-up

EducationEye, July 2016   info
Magazine for members of Prospect's Education and Children's Services group. Contents include: system-wide failings let down children with SEND; children's professionals come together; forced academies – what now?; serious questions about "free" childcare extension; children let down by mental health services; school building defects in Edinburgh; education debate at national conference, plus more.

EducationEye, Spring 2016   info
Prospect’s magazine for members in education and children’s services. Spring 2016 issue. Contents include: Children will pay price of forced academies policy; Counting the cost of 'free' childcare; New schools free-for-all – government agency land purchases; Bringing the boardroom to the classroom – a Prince's Trust project; School funding plans endanger democracy; Prospect workers' rights and EU campaigns, plus more

EducationEye, Autumn 2015   info
Prospect's magazine for members in education and children's services. Autumn 2015 issue

EducationEye, July 2015   info
Newsletter for Aspect Group of Prospect members – the professional voice in children's and young people's services

EducationEye Spring 2015   info
First issue of the redesigned magazine for members in Prospect's Aspect group. Contents include: Time to engage – Prospect's vision for education in the run-up to the general election; pay update; Going full circle – the work of school governors; Ministers urged to rethink baseline testing; Light at the end of the tunnel – developments in teacher training; plus more

'Improvement' magazine

Improvement magazine   info
The Autumn/Winter edition of Improvement, for members in education services. Contents include: News round-up, Life after Gove, Breaches of faith (the Trojan Horse controversy), Ofsted: what does the future hold?, Breaking the silence on mental health issues at work, Digital childhoods, Scottish Learning Festival, Save Childhood Movement, Good work, Reviews and Briefings plus more

Improvement magazine, summer 2014 issue   info
Contents include: Ourselves Alone, Can schools do it themselves? Squaring the Circle, David Blunkett's plans for English schools. Why we need a middle tier! Aspect Group policy on the issue in the news.

'Improvement' Winter 2013/14   info
Contents include: Employers offer One Per Cent Parents Back Council Role Capital Growth Early Education Reframing the Debate on Quality Education Carving Out a New Role The Wisest Fool in Christendom

Improvement Magazine, Autumn 2013   info
Primary education in Northern Ireland; cooperative principles are ideal for education; Aspect rules; middle tier

Improvement Magazine, Summer 2013   info
Bullied at work; working interdependently; education is a human right

Improvement Magazine, Spring 2013   info
Northern Ireland education; safeguarding controversy; unpaid overtime; performance pay for teachers

Improvement Magazine, Winter 2012/13   info
Inspection a powerful force for good; learning to take climate change seriously; stronger protection for whistleblowers; value of a foreign language

Improvement Magazine, Autumn 2012   info
aspect on the march against austerity/Scottish perspective on school improvement/driving improvement the cooperative way

Improvement Magazine, Spring 2012   info
plan to make money out of education/tuc on the budget/assessing early years/justice at work

Improvement Magazine, Winter 2012   info
aspect's new status in the prospect union/social pedagogy/institutional racism/curriculum changes