Early Years Network

Early years network

Research into early years provision consistently shows that education in the first years of life is a critical determinant of children’s futures.

Nursery teacher with childrenOur early years network supports all our members who work in that field, whether in a private nursery, a children’s centre, as an inspector or lecturer or any other professional role.

We encourage those members to learn from other practitioners and professionals in their field.

Prospect believes that your work and qualifications should be valued, and we strive to engage in dialogue with key decision-makers in both government and opposition parties to secure proper recognition of your important roles, now and in the future.

Prospect exists to make our members’ working lives run more smoothly. We promote fair working practices so that everyone in early years can focus on the care and education of children.

If you’d like to know more about the work of Prospect's ECS group in early years please email wakefield@prospect.org.uk


Leaflet/booklet: Early years recruitment leaflet   info
This leaflet tells early years professionals what Prospect can do for them and encourages them to join. It explains how the union can support them, outlines our Early Years Pledge, and includes a joining form
 07 July 2017  ID: 2014/01056

National newsletter: EducationEye, July 2015   info
Newsletter for Aspect Group of Prospect members – the professional voice in children's and young people's services
 08 July 2015  ID: 2015/00845

Leaflet/booklet: Prospect Early Years membership application form   info
As a Prospect member, you will get opportunities to learn from other Early Years practitioners and professionals through our information channels and networks
 15 November 2012  ID: 2012/01746