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Prospect News Release: Prospect Attacks Defence Storage Sell-off   info
Prospect news release about the Defence Storage sell-off announced by the Prime Minister
 05 January 2010 

Prospect News Release "Defence Cuts Will Add to Costs, Say Specialists   info
Prospect press release condemning Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth's announcement that 10,000 civilian jobs will be cut and at least one RAF base closed.
 21 December 2009 

Prospect Press Release: "Prospect Condemns 'Pre-Judged' MOD Review"   info
The government's planned review of MOD's civil service announced in the pre-budget report is condemned as 'pre-judged'.
 09 December 2009 

Prospect News Release "Prospect Offers Cautious Welcome to Gray Report"   info
Prospect press release about the publication of the Gray report into reform of the acquisition of defence equipment
 15 October 2009