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Prospect news release: Defence staff shocked as MOD doubles job losses   info
Prospect has learned that MOD is about to announce it will let 8,000 civilian staff go on early release in 2011-12.
 03 June 2011 

I'm Not A Number... I'm a defence scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Modern technology has tranformed the way our armed forces are equipped and operate. Without state-of-the-art support from scientists like Darren Coe, the UK would lose its leading edge in the field
 03 March 2011 

I'm Not A Number... I'm a defence engineer   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – It takes years of training to become a qualified defence engineer like Robert Wood. His skills and experience ensure the equipment used by our front line forces can meet the demands of modern warfare.
 03 March 2011 

Prospect News Release Union Warns that Fox 'Medicine Will Kill the Patient'   info
Prospect warns that the Defence Secretary's prescription to devolve more power to service chiefs and to cut MOD specialist civil servants by one third is a recipe for disaster. This is because "civil service specialists are the bulwark between the wildest fantasies of service chiefs and the taxpayer."
 22 February 2011 

Prospect submission to HoC DC - The SDSR and the NSS   info
Prospect's submission to the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into the SDSR and NSS.
 14 February 2011 

Prospect News Release Defence Civilians Warn on Privatisation   info
This is about the suspension of the privatisation of the search and rescue helicopter service, and that it is a sign of things to come as MOD struggles to meet financial targets set out in the SDSR
 08 February 2011 

Prospect News Release Defence Civilians ballot on action over cuts   info
About an indicative ballot of civilian defence specialists on industrial action over lack of consultation, and how MOD plans to cut 25,000 civilian staff
 26 January 2011 

Prospect News Release Defence Civilians Launch Select Committee Plea   info
About a seminar on "Supporting front line forces" and a call for the House of Commons Defence Select Committee to urgently enquire into the role of civilian specialists in MOD.
 19 January 2011 

Challenges in the generation and support of front line forces   info
An analysis by Professor Trevor Taylor, Professorial Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute, and Brigadier (Retired) Jim Campbell, Independent Defence Acquisition Consultant – January 2011.
 11 January 2011 

Prospect News Release Defence Professionals Warn That Review Cuts Will Compromise Future Capability   info
Prospect warns that further cuts to civilian defence professionals (the 25,000 announced by the Prime Minister today) will undermine the UK's re-shaped national security strategy
 19 October 2010 

MOD DE&S Post Mapping Guide   info
Internal MOD document describing the operation of post-mapping within DE&S. Annexes not included.
 05 October 2010 

Defence professionals say review must be a strategic not a cost cutting exercise   info
The SDSR appears to have been hijacked by the Treasury and it "is a smoke-screen for massive cuts that will destroy thousands of jobs"
 16 September 2010 

Lib Dems, second reading   info
How Liberal Democrat MPs voted on the second reading of the Superannuation Bill
 16 September 2010 

Civil service compensation scheme early day motions   info
Liberal Democrat MPs who signed compensation scheme early day motions.
 15 September 2010 

Prospect News Release "Defence Specialists Condemn Coalition Cuts"   info
The government has announced it will cut the MOD's running costs by 25% which Steve Jary, National Secretary, states is based on no analysis at all.
 20 May 2010 

The MOD Redeployment Pool - Advice to Members   info
Guidance for members concerning the MOD Redeployment Pool
 07 May 2010 

MOD Redeployment Pool - Advice to Reps   info
Guidance for Prospect MOD reps on the redeployment pool
 07 May 2010 

Prospect News Release "Prospect Says MOD Must 'Face the Facts'"   info
A MOD news release calling on MOD to act swiftly on the recommendations of the Gray report and the Haddon-Cave report. Prospect agrees with the Defence select committee that MOD's strategy of 'save now pay later' is deeply flawed.
 04 March 2010 

Prospect Press Release: MOD must become 'intelligent customer'   info
A Prospect press release welcoming MOD's Green Paper which sets out the challenges likely to face the UK in the future and how they can be met
 04 February 2010 

Prospect News release "Prospect Attacks Media War Against Defence Civilians"   info
Prospect's response to the media witch-hunt over the payment of bonuses to MOD staff
 05 January 2010