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Circular: Standard: MODEye Pay Special - February 2020   info
MODEye Pay Special - February 2020
 07 February 2020  ID: 2020/00180

Local newsletter: MODEye Pay Special - November 2019   info
November 2019 edition of MODEye.
 13 November 2019  ID: 2019/01715

Circular: Standard: Defence Spending   info
A circular advising on current defence spending.
 25 October 2019  ID: 2019/01587


Prospect submission of Defence Committee inquiry - Defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity   info
Defence Committee inquiry on Defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity.
 09 September 2019 

Modernising Defence Programme – Prospect submission   info
The consultation covers four workstreams: the Ministry of Defence's operating model; efficiency and business modernisation; commercial and industrial approach and defence policy, outputs and military capability.
 30 April 2018 

The effects of BAE's restructuring on UK defence   info
Prospect submission to Defence Select Committee inquiry into the effects of BAE's restructuring on UK defence, November 2017
 23 November 2017 

Prospect response to BIGPS consultation - 2017   info
Response to consultation on proposed changes to Babcock International Group Pension Scheme (August 2017).
 15 August 2017 

Prospect Submission to the 2015 SDSR Public Engagement   info
Prospect’s response is broken up into two sections. Section 1 we focus on the development of UK sovereign capability in defence equipment design and manufacturing. In Section 2 we highlight the need to retain an intelligent customer role for civilian personnel in the Ministry of Defence.
 30 October 2015