Branch J211: Nuvia Limited

Nuvia Limited

Prospect is the largest of the trade unions within Nuvia Ltd, and our branch represents professional grades and personal contract holders at all UK sites.

We are formally recognised by Nuvia Limited for collective bargaining on terms and conditions of employment, and have Prospect representatives at Harwell, Risley and Windscale. 

We co-ordinate negotiations with the employer by meeting with the other recognised trade unions and Nuvia Limited at Joint Negotiating Committee meetings, which deal with pay and all related terms and conditions of employment.

Nuvia's Prospect representatives are serviced and supported by Prospect's south east regional office at Chertsey. This support includes the allocation of a full time Prospect officer who provides professional support and council on all negoations with the employer.

We issue regular communications to members in Nuvia so they are always fully apprised of current issues.