Branch J031: University of Greenwich Branch

University of Greenwich Branch

Prospect is the union for professorial,  managerial, scientific, technical, specialist, academic and support staff within University of Greenwich. We represent members across a wide-range of functions and on all three campuses. Whether you’re in a School, Institute or a Corporate Department, Prospect is the union for you. Outside of the University,  Prospect has a high profile within both public and private sectors, being a major union for specialists, managers and professionals.

 The University of Greenwich has recognised Prospect as a Union with full local negotiation rights at the Joint Negotiation Committees (JNC) since 1996.  The only issue which Prospect do not negotiate on behalf of members is pay, as this is undertaken by the academic trade unions at the National Higher Education JNC.

 Together with the other recognised unions at the University,  Prospect discusses, consults and negotiates on policies, terms and conditions of Employment for collectively-bargained staff: Typically our members are between grades AC1 to AC5 and SG1 to SG10’s though we also have a number of members outside of collective bargaining grades (Senior Managers.) who take advantage of the individual representation and members’ services Prospect membership provides them.

 Information and notes of JNC or any meetings are issued to members by emails or personally.  Members can contact the Branch Secretary by phone or email.

 The branch is supported by the Prospect Chertsey Office, which coordinates legal and other professional support for Prospect members at University of Greenwich  alongside professional negotiating resources with our fulltime negotiations officer.