Branch F181: Archaeologists


The Prospect Archaeologist Branch is a diverse group representing archaeologists working  for archaeological trusts and archaeological units in the commercial sector, right across the country.

Prospect has formal recognition arrangements with many archaeology units, including MOLA, Wessex Archaeology, PCA, GAT, DAT, Oxford Archaeology and York Archaeological Trust, whilst also having numerous members located in other leading archaeological units and smaller companies.  We are a growing and exciting branch, committed to extending Trade Union representation across the profession.

For members who are employed by companies that are recognised by Prospect, the union will negotiate on all aspects of employment including pay, terms and conditions, and health and safety through our local branch structures (which are supported by the union's head office). As for individual members we can offer a range of advice and representation on contractual issues, as well as assisting with individual issues within the workplace.  Our aim is to ensure that Archaeologists are treated fairly, with decent standards of employment and reward. We believe this is central to driving up standards within the profession.

We also take forward many ‘profession wide’ issues working closely with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologist (CIfA) and the employers' umbrella group the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME).  By working together we aim to generate improvements across the industry, and provide benefits to all professional Archaeologists.

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