Branch C202: DSTL


This branch covers more than 1,000 members working in the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) – a trading fund agency of the Ministry of Defence.

Dstl manages the MOD's research budget and operates the ministry's own in-house R&D facilities. It covers a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines and, as well as conducting pure and applied research, it provides technical consultancy and direct support to military operations. The full scope of its activities is described on Dstl's own website.

Most Prospect members in Dstl are scientists and research engineers: but we represent the full range of staff – from safety officers through lab technicians and operational researchers to HR professionals.

The vast majority of members are based at one of three main locations: Fort Halstead (Kent), Porton Down (Wiltshire) and Portsdown West (Hampshire). At any one time, a small group of members will be deployed on military operations, providing direct support to the frontline.

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Local newsletter: MODEye - July 2020   info
July MODEye covering:Covid 19: Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Formal Disagreement on Principles and Protocols 2m Social Distancing vs. One Metre Plus: DAN 21 Covid 19: FAQs Overtime – TOIL or Payment: Don’t lose out Annual Leave Carry Over - 15 days automatically and more by exception School Holidays Quarantine Resetting Employee Relations – Proposed ER Review being Considered Pay 2020: Negotiations Paused – Secretary of State Sign Off of Remit Awaited Moving between the MOD and its Agencies: Recurring Issues Announcement on Single Employer Model for Government Communications
 14 July 2020