Branch C112: Defence Training and Education

Defence Training and Education

Welcome to Prospect’s C112 Defence Training & Education Branch page.  

C112-DTE represents 'Educational Specialist' interests of several cadres: Burnham Lecturer, Basic Skills Development Managers, Professors of Music and some Instructional Officer each performing highly specialist roles within the MoD. We also represent members TUPE transferred to the private sector who are performing training development/delivery for MoD.  

Each of these cadres operates on non-standard terms and conditions, are subject generally to separate pay negotiation arrangements and geographically cover the all of the UK, parts of Western Europe and as far away as Cyprus. Cadre members have to meet specific qualification requirements and generally work a longer working year than comparable colleagues in mainstream education establishments. The cadres also operate over all three Services and work within many organisations across a range of TLBs. Most members are within the Teachers Pension Scheme and subject to the Teachers Compensation Scheme which requires separate consultation from the issues of the PCSPS and CSCS. (The branch also maintains interest in these as ~15% of members are not in TPS). 

Branch members find themselves impacted by a range of programmes, initiatives, restructuring, downsizing, recruitment restrictions and Voluntary release issues. We remain firmly engaged with these at present and are instrumental within consultations on these on behalf of members.  

The Branch Committee consists currently of experienced and well-trained lay representatives who have access to professional support of Negotiatons Officers, Pensions Experts, Branch Organisers and may more, from Prospect headquarters.