National Grid ESO publishes Future of Energy report 2020

National Grid ESO publishes Future of Energy report 2020

The Future Energy Scenarios 2020 report, which looks at a range of ways that the UK could decarbonise as we approach the government’s 2050 net zero target, has been published by National Grid ESO.

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The report, which outlines four different pathways for the future of energy over the next 30 years, is based on input from more than 600 experts.

Three out of the four different models predict that the UK will be able to meet the net zero target by 2050, or earlier, but it is stressed that immediate and urgent action is needed across key technologies and in policy.

The fundamental changes that will be required for consumers in heating, transport and energy efficiency is also highlighted.

Mark Herring, National Grid ESO’s head of strategy, said:

“Across all scenarios, we see a growth in renewable energy generation, including significant expansion in installed offshore wind capacity. There is a widespread uptake in domestic electric vehicles, and growth and investment in hydrogen and carbon capture technologies too.

“Our new analysis of the level of societal change needed to achieve net zero also shows that consumers need greater understanding of how their energy use impacts the wider system, and how changes to their lifestyle have an impact on net zero ambitions.”

He added:

“While COVID19 came too late to be factored into this year’s analysis many of the areas highlighted will be crucial in a green recovery from the pandemic, particularly improving energy efficiency across all sectors and significant investment in low carbon electricity generation.”

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