Accenture offers paybill increase of 1.75%

Accenture offers paybill increase of 1.75%

Prospect is recommending that members in Accenture accept their pay offer for 2019.

  • 05 Dec 2019
  • Pay

The offer applies to employees in Accenture Operations covered by collective bargaining arrangements: people in grades 9 and 10 in Business Process Outsourcing – specifically HR services, Accenture Learning, Accenture BSS and Technology for Operations.

The headline increase to the pay budget is 1.75% and will be distributed as following:

Salary range zone                                           Merit %

Below                                                              2%

Zone 1                                                             2%

Zone 2                                                             2%

Zone 3                                                             1%

Zone 4                                                             0%

Above Zone 4                                                  0%

Individuals receiving Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) scheme payments

Where individuals receive payments from the Accenture PHI scheme, their insurance benefit is managed via the provider, with a review at the claim anniversary each year.

Where an individual is able to return to work from a period of PHI, Accenture will review their returning salary position, taking individual circumstances into consideration.

Individuals who are being promoted

As pay increases for promotions are managed from a separate budget, the pay matrix will not apply to individuals who have been promoted as a result of the 2019 end of year performance management process.

The ballot opens on 5 December and closes on 19 December. If accepted, pay increases will be made in January and backdated to 1 December 2019.