Unions back a just transition for energy workers

Unions back a just transition for energy workers

Trade union delegates at the Trade Union Congress in Manchester have voted to support a series of motions in favour of a ‘just transition’ for energy workers and backing a properly coordinated and joined-up industrial strategy.


The debate was the first of the day on Monday with the GMB union proposing a motion to make sure that energy unions lead the debate on the future of energy and the energy workers.

Prospect senior deputy general secretary Sue Ferns seconded the motion, reiterating the unions commitment to tackling climate change and reinforcing the argument for a low-carbon economy based on an energy mix.

The subsequent debate saw speeches from Prospect public service president Geoff Fletcher as well as Barbara Shepherd and Steve Nicholson from Prospect’s Sellafield branch.

Steve Nicholson argued that: "Any industrial strategy is pointless without a secure supply of energy to support it."

There was a heated debate about the best method of tackling climate change, with delegates eventually supporting Prospect’s position that policy must be guided by evidence and led by the energy unions who have the knowledge and members affected.