Prospect launches gender pay gap e-learning tool

Prospect launches gender pay gap e-learning tool

Members and reps can now access an online training tool to learn about the new gender pay gap reporting requirements.

Gender pay gap eLearning toolGender pay gap eLearning tool

The online tool will inform representatives and members about what their employers’ requirements are, what individuals can do with the results, and how the union can help address a gender pay gap.

Prospect has a strong history of openly discussing gender pay issues, working with employers to introduce improvement plans, and bringing equal pay cases where there is a more fundamental issue.

Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary, said: “We’ve delivered real progress for our members on gender pay issues in many workplaces. Ideally, we work with an employer to identify ways they can address a gender pay gap, but we will also bring an equal pay claim if we think there’s a need. 

“Last year we delivered thousands of pounds in real pay rises for people working in the Met Office after we took an equal pay claim on behalf of 77 women. I’m now proud to say that the Met Office is working with us to achieve a future that is fairer for all their staff.

“Unfair pay thrives where there is secrecy, but by working together we can improve the workplace and make it fairer for everybody.”

How to use the tool:

  • If you’re a Prospect representative or member, you can access the tool here. You don’t need to log in to use it.
  • The tool will take about 30 minutes to complete in full, but you can complete different sections at times that suit you.
  • There are useful resources that you may want to come back and use again – the tool includes a detailed explanation of how to calculate gender pay gap figures, for example. 
  • You can also present the tool to a branch or member meeting and use it as the basis for group discussion.

Click here to check out the tool

If you have any technical difficulty using the online system, email Prospect’s communications team on

For questions about gender pay gaps or equal pay issues within a workplace, members or reps should speak to a Prospect full-time officer. If you’re a Prospect member and you aren’t sure who your local representative or full-time officer is, please contact our Member Contact Centre on 0300 600 1878 between 8:30am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.