Prospect launches BAME survey

Prospect launches BAME survey

Prospect has created a survey specifically to find out more about our BAME members’ experiences at work.

The aim of the survey is to make sure that we have the most complete picture of the challenges that our Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) members are facing in the workplace. We know that BAME people are often under-represented at work, and that despite the positive introduction of the Equality Act in 2010, there is still a lot to do. For example, a 2015 Race at Work report showed that 32% of BAME employees had witnessed or experienced racial harassment from colleagues in the last five years.

Prospect is committed to supporting our members to achieve equality in all workplaces across the UK. Our survey is part of a long-term journey to achieve results for individuals and industries, and we need help from our BAME members to make sure that we are focussed on the real issues.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and every response helps. Prospect members who have self-idenfited as BAME will have recived an email. If you have any queries please email

Christine Danniell, Prospect member and an equalities rep, said: “This survey is exactly the reason I joined a union, and it’s why I’m a member of the Prospect equalities network. It is only by coming together and unifying our voices that we will start to get real change. Unfortunately, I know that many BAME people face discrimination at work.

"Prospect works on behalf of its members to campaign and raise awareness about these challenges. It also helps individuals deal with specific incidents. I would urge anyone who this survey is targeted at to take the time to fill it in, and remember you can always speak to a local rep, or ring Prospect’s member contact centre if you need personal help or advice.”

If you’re interested in finding out more contact or join our equality network.

If you are not yet a Prospect member, consider joining today, or recommend us to as colleague. We know it will take all of us working together to achieve lasting change.