New civil service pay guidance an insult, warns Prospect

New civil service pay guidance an insult, warns Prospect

Prospect have condemned new civil service pay guidance and have warned that it will anger public sector workers

Public servants with campaign stickers

On Monday the government published new civil service pay guidelines for 2018 to 2019, which removed the previous 1% pay cap but limits average pay awards from government departments to 1-1.5%

This will mean another year of below-inflation rises, with the official OBR projection for CPI to be 2.2% and RPI 3.4%.

Since 2010 public sector workers have seen an average real terms pay cut of 15% against RPI.

Responding to the guidance, Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said:

“Despite nearly a year of promises to listen, today’s pay guidance is nothing short of an insult to thousands of hard working public servants.  The reality for many civil servants is now long hours, declining living standards and uncompetitive pay.

“In contrast to the NHS, Local Government and the expected outcomes for the pay review bodies, it is clear that the civil service and related bodies are being singled out as the poor relations in terms of pay, and civil servants are facing another year of painful real terms pay cuts on top of the 15% cut they have already suffered since 2010.

“This announcement will outrage civil servants but it will also anger their employers who are seeing the damaging effect that government pay policy is having on recruitment and retention of dedicated and hardworking staff.

“Prospect will be making this case to government and we are clear that that where agreement cannot be reached on pay and our members wish to take action they will do so with the full support of their union.”