Prospect re-launches National Heritage campaign

Prospect re-launches National Heritage campaign

Prospect is asking members to complete a heritage survey as part of the re-launch of a national heritage campaign. The results of the survey will be available at two campaign seminars in April 2018 and will be used to lobby Government and decision-makers.


Covering nearly 6,000 members across the UK, the Prospect Heritage Group has an important role to play in identifying the challenges affecting Heritage and in leading the campaign for more resources. The survey, open until 29 January 2018, will form the basis for the 2018 campaign strategy, with results and next steps being unveiled at two Heritage Seminars in April 2018. One seminar will be held in London, and one in Scotland.

This work builds on the previous survey undertaken in 2013, in the light of the impact of the Government’s austerity programme, which led to the “Heritage in a Cold Climate” report and seminar. Four years on, and with Brexit on the horizon, the Prospect Heritage Group is asking all members to take part in this new survey to see how things have changed. In order to ensure a comparative view, the questions remain largely unchanged, although there are new questions on the impact of Brexit and on childcare provision. The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete, all responses are anonymous and results will be aggregated to ensure that individuals are not identified.

Members are asked to respond to the survey, encourage your colleagues to do so, and use this opportunity to ask non-members to join and take part. Non-members can join online and members can receive a £10 voucher for every new member recruited (see the Member Recruit Member scheme details here).

For more information about the Heritage Campaign please contact [email protected]