Eggborough shows urgent need for energy transition plan

Eggborough shows urgent need for energy transition plan

Eggborough power station set to close despite hard work of staff

Prospect negotiations officer Mike MacDonald said: “We are deeply disappointed that Eggborough power Ssation will close despite the hard work of staff and management to provide efficient and effective power. The short term approach to electricity supplies hits power station staff and their communities hard. Creating uncertainty about the future pushes up prices for consumers.

“Whilst we fully support a move to a low carbon energy system, the speed of change cannot be allowed to cause hardship for those working in the industry.

“This is the third announcement of the rapid closure of a conventional power station since the New Year. We will continue to fight to ensure our members get the best deal.

“This move demonstrates the need for urgent action from the government to have an energy transition plan. Investors must be able to see a stable environment so they can prepare for a low-carbon economy and workers need to adapt their  high-tech skills to equip them for the future.

“Eggborough was never given the incentive to invest in clean coal technology. The result is a loss of high-skilled jobs in the north of England and uncertainty about energy capacity going forward. We are concerned about the impact of losing 3GW of capacity on Black start capacity and frequency regulation.

“Energy policy must change to stop situations like this from happening again.”