Royal Museums Greenwich ballot results

Royal Museums Greenwich ballot results

Members reject pay offer in consultative ballot following on from contractual changes

National Maritime Museum - Greenwich

Prospect members working at Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) have voted in a consultative ballot to continue industrial action in response to changes to contracts of employment.

Discussions with RMG have not resolved issues around the reduction of breaks which is a key concern of members. 

RMG announced earlier this year that it plans to start paying the London living wage in the next four years, which was welcomed. However, the rise to a minimum of £9 an hour would not benefit longer serving employees who are working more hours because of the changes introduced at the end of 2017.

As a result RMG offered limited compensation for longer serving employees involved in the dispute and this proposal was put forward as a possible resolution to the dispute.

Prospect negotiations officer Caroline Hemmington said: “Members have voted against the offer made by RMG.

“We will be talking to them about the next steps to be taken and will be able to update in due course.

“Prospect has continued to engage with management on the issues members raise and there have been some positive developments including the introduction of staff seating in galleries, and agreement to move towards the London living wage.

“However the removal of 40 minutes break per day means employees are working more hours and the compensation offered is not enough.”

The consultative ballot ran from 5 April until 18 April and members were asked to vote on a proposal. The museum changes to terms and conditions for visitors and sales assistants included the removal of paid breaks and less break time, which continue to be an issue members would like addressed.