Prospect speaks out at TUC against erosion of workplace safety

Prospect speaks out at TUC against erosion of workplace safety

Neil Hope-Collins who works for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is a member of the Prospect National Executive Committee (NEC) spoke in the debate on the future of regulation.

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Neil speaking in Brighton said:

“The deregulation agenda is based on the myth that social and labour protections are too expensive for the employer.

“Then you add the myth that society and our economy is poor.

“So now when your employer says they cannot afford to protect your members austerity says that is ok because society cannot afford to protect.

“In short, your life is worth less under austerity.”

Neil went on to tell Congress about the specific situation facing Prospect members in the HSE:

“The number of Regulatory Inspectors working across workplaces where most of your members work has fallen by 36% - to just 300 inspectors working in Geographic Field Operations Division to cover England, Scotland and Wales.

“There has been much talk in the Brexit debate about the protections and legislation we must fight to protect.

“This is right, but you can save as many laws and regulations as like, if you don’t have the boots on the ground to enforce those laws then it will all be for nothing and this government know that.”

The motion Prospect was supporting is here.