Prospect welcomes cross-party amendment on Euratom

Prospect welcomes cross-party amendment on Euratom

Prospect have welcomed a new cross-party amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that would require the government to draw up an action plan, backed up by a Parliamentary vote, before the UK finally leaves Euratom.

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The amendment tabled by former Conservative minister Ed Vaizey MP and Labour chair of the BEIS committee Rachel Reeves MP.

Prospect members are contacting their MPs to sign up to backing the amendment.

Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect said: "Leaving Euratom presents real danger to the UK nuclear sector.

“The sector provides thousands of highly skilled, highly productive jobs as well as playing a vital role in keeping the lights on.

“There is no convincing case for leaving Euratom, however if we are leaving time is now running out for the government to set out a proper action plan to deal with nuclear cooperation, funding and safeguarding.

“Prospect members will be urging MPs to support this sensible, cross-party amendment that will provide reassurance that Britain’s nuclear industry won’t face a damaging cliff edge.”

Reports by Sky News this morning have highlighted concerns about the lack of government action on replacing Euratom arrangements.