Too many unanswered questions in the Clean Growth Plan

Too many unanswered questions in the Clean Growth Plan

Electricity pylons

The plan sets out the government’s thinking on how it will meet the UK’s climate change obligations and deliver a low-carbon economy.

This is particularly important to Prospect members working in the energy and nuclear sectors, whose jobs depend on long-term certainty to achieve the investment needed to succeed.

Mike Clancy, Prospect general secretary, said: “There are still too many unanswered questions in the government’s latest plans. While we can all agree on the scale of ambition required to meet our carbon targets, we need much more detail than that on offer.

“It is deeply disappointing that the strategy has nothing to say on the risks to UK research from Brexit or on developing the skilled workforce needed to deliver low-carbon growth.

“If the UK wants to be a world leader on low-carbon energy, we need a serious industrial strategy that addresses the skills shortages and lack of investment already facing the engineering and the energy sectors.”

Alongside the plan the government has published draft legislation to introduce a cap on household energy prices.

Mike Clancy added: “The UK energy market is failing consumers, taxpayers and workers, and serious reforms are urgently needed.

“However, there are real concerns that a poorly designed price cap will be bad for consumers in the long term, raise the cost of investment and lead to cuts elsewhere in the energy sector.

“We need a long-term plan to tackle rising energy bills and address the current failings of the energy market.”